Back in March we posted about funding awarded to Andrew Morrison of New Dead Language to put toward purchasing equipment and materials which would aid in the production of a body of work suitable for exhibition.

Well, Andrew has been working fairly intensively for the past six month's and will this week share the result of this with the world at large!
Belonging is a set of nine two colour prints. Each print captures a moment, a single 'cell' or 'still', suggestive of a greater whole. There is a potent untold back story and unknown outcome. Each one was conceived independently of the others with the only common thread being a sense of era. The idea however is that by grouping them into random sets, in random order, the viewer will instinctively draw a line through them, making connections and conjuring a story in their own imagination. The hope is for every person who looks at a set of these prints to find their own personal interpretation, vivid and entirely unique to themselves. And by rearranging the nine time and again (or simply by reordering a set of three or four or what have you) the worlds in these prints are continually altered. What may have seemed serene may turn sinister, or a gesture or glance which in one instance appeared benevolent can in another suggest malevolence.
Each print has been pulled, signed and numbered of 40 by the artist.
Belonging has it's opening tomorrow evening (2nd September 2009) at the Bonhoga Gallery Cafe where it will hang for the duration of the month. Another set will also be exhibited at this weekend Wordplay Book Festival.

Andrew will post photos of the collection on our Flickr page early next week. In the meantime you can read how it all came to fruition by visiting www.twitter.com/newdeadlanguage

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